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- Evan Almighty - 07/15/07
I got a free pass to see this when I bought "The Office" on DVD. Since that pass expired today and it was either use it or sit on my couch in my underpants and think about vacuuming for a couple hours, I decided to catch the movie. It was worth about exactly as much as I paid to see it. Absolutely ungraceful, there are political cartoons that are more subtle than Evan Almighty. Not even Steve Carell nor Lorelei Gilmore could save it. If you're seeing this thinking it's going to be a laff-a-thon, think again. Most of the humor involves bird shit, someone getting hit in the balls or Wanda Sykes being the token sassy black lady who, no foolin', made an oh-so-timely Phen-fen joke, because apparently this movie was written ten years ago. So much talent and money was wasted on this.

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